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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Functional Medicine is shifting the way we manage healthcare by looking at the root causes rather than our current symptom-based system. It is a patient-centered approach where practitioners partner with the patient and look at the whole person rather than a set of symptoms.

Functional Medicine Health Coaches help support patients in taking control of their own health and put the patient back in the driver's seat. 

How Can A Functional Medicine Health Coach Help You?
  • Health Story Development

    • Everyone has a health story - we can help you capture your story in a format that allows you to convey that story effectively to your medical practitioner/team

  • Medical Appointment Preparation and Partnering

    • Going to a medical appointment should be just like going to a business meeting. There should be goals and priorities set in advance to ensure the appointment is effective. We can help you prepare for your appointment by helping clarify goals, priorities and questions you need answered to you are prepared and leave the office satisfied. Additionally, if appointment support is needed, we can help be your second set of eyes and ears and help capture and digest the information for you.​

  • Wellness Coaching

    • Whether you have a chronic illness or simply want to incorporate a new wellness activity into your life, we can work with you to help you achieve your goals. We are focused on empowering you to make change in your life!​

Currently finishing FMCA certification - anticipated graduation June 2018

Client Testimonial

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