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Strategic Plan Development


“I've worked with Kim on two occasions to develop mission statement, strategic objectives and long range plan for our business unit. The final product exceeded my expectations...  The process was efficient and Kim helped us develop a one page diagram that captures the most important elements of the strategic plan...  I highly recommend Kim and look forward to working with her again.”

--Mark Lowe, Division Head - Washington Gas


Strategic Planning Facilitation


"Everyone enters a strategic planning session with the goal of getting real results. The success of these high pressure, high stake meetings depend on the honest and open sharing of ideas and experiences from your team. Getting your team to speak freely and openly without fear is critical to the mission. How do you accomplish this? You need the right facilitator. Enter Kim Gladis of CorePerformx Advisory Group.  Through her wonderful sense of humor, deep knowledge of business operations, sharing of personal experiences, and creative methods for finding commonality within the team, she breaks down barriers, maintains focus, hones in on issues and creates an environment that compels your team to open up and share.  Our recent strategic session was far more successful than we imagined it could be. Our team came out of the session focused, energized, appreciative of one another, and armed with ideas on how to manage our growth. Our success that day was the direct result of Kim’s abilities to facilitate our meeting and unleash the creativity of our team.  Thank you Kim!"

--CFO, Strategic Planning Offsite 2015


"Having attended many planning and goal-setting meetings over the last 30 years, I must admit I was not excited to hear my attendance was required at yet another planning meeting.  I thought it would be another meeting like those I had attended before coming to my current employer, filled with empty talk and little to no tangible results.   

With your guidance, this meeting was completely different than all the others.  Finally, a meeting with no “fluffing”.   You asked the right questions, probed beyond generic answers and cut through the smoke screens to the heart of the issues that could prevent us from reaching our full potential and our goals.   What really impressed me was that this was done in a respectful, productive manner (often with a good dose of levity). 

Finally, the elements of accountability and follow up were new components that have certainly produced more observable results than I have seen from any like strategic sessions prior to joining my current employer.  Well done, Kim."

--Senior Project Manager, Communications Company

"Kim was amazing to work with. She fit us in to her busy schedule to suit our calendar. Her inclusive, interactive approach to strategic planning allowed for staff with a variety of roles and perspectives within the organization to dig in and add value to the process.  She is incredibly personable and made the day fun for everyone. We walked away feeling more cohesive as a team with clear, short and mid-range next steps. I could not be happier with the process or the product. Everyone has given such positive feedback, Kim! It was just what our team needed. Everyone is already busy on their next steps too. A clear sign that it was an energizing experience for everyone!" 

--Non Profit Director

“The Fairfax Education Association was pleased to be able to work with Kimberly Gladis as we set out to rethink our organization and develop strategies for our future... She worked with us to develop realistic goals for our retreat and developed an agenda that kept things moving while providing time for exploration of issues.  She managed the facilitation easily - making sure all voices were honored - while challenging us to see our blind spots and think creatively about the possibilities!  Kimberly challenges assumptions, reigns in unrealistic expectations, and pushes for workable next steps. She was just what we needed to begin a brighter future for our organization.”

--JoAnn Karsh, Executive Director, Fairfax Education Association



"I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly and I must say she is exceptional at what she does.  In the capacity as my Executive Coach, Kimberly was able to continually provide great insight and push me outside of my comfort zone allowing me to grow professionally.  Her ability to drill down to the root causes, provide ideas and solutions as well as think outside the box provided me a great deal of insight on where I was and where I wanted to be in my career.  I look forward to working with Kimberly in the future."




"Kimberly is a fantastic and powerful optimist that drives change everywhere she goes. She brings energy to listen first and act with knowledge and experience second. This allows her to gather facts, make solid decisions and bring more reasonable solutions to the table. Under the stress of group dynamics she excels and allows herself to come to the forefront when necessary. I highly recommend her based upon the experiences I have had with her in the Premier Leadership organization in the DC Area, Leadership Fairfax."

--Ernest Gomez, Leadership Fairfax Class of 2012


"Kimberly is a brilliant, well connected professional with a wealth of sales and management experience, with both large companies and start-ups. She's great at providing great solutions that actually impact the bottom line and can be implemented in the real world. Plus, Kimberly has an engaging personality that makes her extremely great to work with."

--Richard Barney, Owner, SalesJolt



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